Chapter 2

by Jugghead

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This is the second official Solo album from Jugghead. This project was aimed to be closer to the types of Hip-Hop that Jugghead most enjoys listening to.


released April 12, 2013

All tracks produced by Jugghead for Expectus Music,
select tracks (including music) co-produced by Calvin Williams Sr. ("Measure The Worth"), LyriCal (The Viatmins / Nameless MCs), and Tia Callee (Tia's Song").
Guest performances on "Metaphors B Wit U: Episode 2" by Devastator and Zod Da God.
Guest Performance on "The Vitamins / Nameless MCs" by LyriCal.



all rights reserved


Jugghead Flint, Michigan

Jugghead Green is Quan's musical alter-ego. He is Quan's unrestrained psyche, speaking out on whatever is on his mind whenever he feels like it, without the restraint or tact Quan would normally use. Jugghead can say the things Quan only wishes he could say, and can talk about the things Quan only wishes he could talk about. ... more

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Track Name: The Phlegm
The Phlegm

I got a metaphor for every one of your woman's pubic hair follicles
MC's put jokes in their raps but it's their styles that are the most comical
Their lyrics would still be wack even if I said it in a duet with
Jay-Z, Nas, Common, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Ludacris and Method.
You need to read my book, like Tom Cruise read Dianetics,
Change your life beliefs and rep it on oprah's couch for extra credit.
This gift is my profession, so if you want to help me sell it,
Then when you see the media, you tell it that I accept both cash and debit.
Money Orders, too. Jugghead officially endorses Moneygram,
But he'll also take Western Union if you're sending more than a hundred grand.
Some rapper's CD's are big budget flops like Ahnuld in the running man,
They're feminine to me, and I look at them like I'm the son of sam.
If you're the type that enjoys clever wordplay in your music
When you're hearing something new everytime you listen to it,
Then you've come to the right place. I'm like a Mensa Member
That knows the square root of pi to the nearest 20 digits, but for some reason can't remember.

I've been ripping ever since "Can I kick it"
Risk it
Did it
Mouth full of phlegm, so I might as well spit it.

Nowadays dudes wear girly jeans and put Mohawks on their heads.
That's like a woman with a long midsection and stubby legs,
Or a bad driver only concerned with turning left, either way,
It doesn't look right. I think they brainwash all these keds
With a tub of Woolite. That's why you see their pants saggin'
'cause in prison, wearing pants in that manner make you a ******
Well, let's say you're not a man, then. Furthermore, why you bother to
Run from cops with your pants down? Are you the world's fastest waddler?
A lot of folk to me are toddlers: I want to train their potty mouths
Or pied pipe 'em, 'cause they're a bunch of followers.
So make your mind up to memorize this manifesto,
While the brother with the best flow moonlights like ms. Depesto.
I dye harder than women who change their hair color every hour.
I chill like Rob G, and snap at clowns who claim they got the power.
And I'm not addressing anyone specifically,
But if the slipper fits for thee, why dontcha wear the matching slip for me?
Track Name: Metaphors B Wit U
Metaforz Be With you

Wanan bet the farm against me, but you're fresh out of luck,
Your rapping style is bad comedy, and I don't give a yuck,
Or a chuckle, or a guffaw, Buck y'all.
You're boring as hell, you sound wooden and bout to run into a buzzsaw.
I've got you pissed off, like you missed the urinal. Because your man
Is using my lyrics to get with women like I was Cyrano.
While the rimes you say can't even get you the time of day.
You might as well hit up Itunes and try to get the time from Morris Day.
You need to get a life like sentencing a mass murderer that blows trial.
Don't need sleep pills for insomnia, I'll just listen to your style.
Been making metaforz since poetry class in the 1st grade;
Been making beats since moms gave me a drum machine for my 12th birthday,
Been making MCs eat humble pie with a side of crow,
When they try to bring the drama, but can't even act like they know,
Much less act like they want it. They're second tier like thunderdan
I speak to Smurfette-looking dudes in a language they can understand.
See, I'm the type to smurf you in the smurf with a smurf,
Pull a smurf out, and smurf you out infront of all your smurfin' smurfs.
And that's the realest smurf I ever smurfed. For what it's worth,
I've got more styles than miles to the center of middle earth
If you're hiking with hobbits. I call the microphone my precious.
I push off MCs that are clost to the edge if they don't get the message.
I have the furious five fingers of death – you get the third one.
You'd think I was a #1 stold cold stuns the way I flip the bbrd-mun…

I'm 3PO mastering language at rappin time.
Electrify with a mik in my hands like Palpatine
I'm skilled with the skill, purple blade, mace windu.
A master of this ish, metaforz be with you.
Track Name: Party's Over
Party's Over, Party's Over
Party's Over, Party's Over
You ain't gotta go home,
But you gotts get the heck up outta here,
Party's Over, party's Over.
(yo, I'm not trying to get this party started,
I'm here to shut this party down)

Alright, you had your fun, now you have to leave
You been here since ten, now it's half past three
I saw you holding up the wall trying to act like you're cool,
Or maybe you was on the floor trying to dance like a fool
Either way, time's up and you've overstayed your welcome
Your friends can go, too, might as well go and tell them
You're high or you're drunk, I smell it all on your breath
Is there a designated driver? better call one that's left.
'Cause it really ain't my problem anymore, all I mean to do
Is get this whole crowd out the door, and that means you.
This ain't your home and you ain't paying rent here
Remember where you live at? Yeah, you need to get there.
I got a lot of cleaning up to do when you're gone,
And I don't see you with no trash bags, broom or a sponge
So do everyone a favor and get the heck outta here
Happy Hour's been done, and I'm fresh out of beer.

You ain't gotta go home,
But you gotts get the heck up outta here,
Party's Over, party's Over.
You ain't gotta go home,
But you gotts get the heck up outta here,
Party's Over, party's Over.

Give it up, you ain't getting that number
You've been in that's person's face the whole night and got nothing
You ain't taking nobody home tonight, so let it go.
Some days you're hot, but tonight you're an Eskimo.
Excuse me, I meant Inuit. You wanted to get into it
And do some dirt with somebody but they're remaining innocent
Rejected all your passes and attempts at seduction
Methinks you're not in synch no more, like Justin, because in
Trying to bring sexy back you just got it sent away again
Player, you struck out in all your best attempts to make a friend
You tried to make somebody's roster, but you didn't make the cut,
I betcha had big league dreams, but now you're waking up.
Take a hint. Now it's time to regroup.
Take the loss, think it over, and then try to improve.
Just do all of that somewhere else, I'm trying to get you out, homie,
Ain't no bartender here to listen to your sob stories

You ain't gotta go home,
But you gotts get the heck up outta here,
Party's Over, party's Over.
You ain't gotta go home,
But you gotts get the heck up outta here,
Party's Over, party's Over.

Yo, why're you still here, man? I thought I made it clear, man,
I'm throwing everybody out, like Beer Cans, and C-Span
Got this new show about President Obama
That I'm trying to watch on DVR. Should I call your mama
And have her come and get you? I'm trying to be civil
And not change into a different personality, like Sybil.
You're acting like you ain't got nowhere else that you can be
Don't you have a life? If so, you must be fooling me.
The last call for alcohol was a while ago.
Don't get me wrong, I liked your company, but now it's time to go.
Time to put away the food and pay the DJ,
But I can't do none of that until you're on the freeway
You're hanging 'round like Cat in the Hat. I hear a who
Telling me get rid of you off the books like Dr. Seuss.
So Marvin K. Mooney would you please go now?
You're gumming up the whole works, which I just can't allow.

You ain't gotta go home,
But you gotts get the heck up outta here,
Party's Over, party's Over.
You ain't gotta go home,
But you gotts get the heck up outta here,
Party's Over, party's Over.
Track Name: Google It
Google It.

JuQuan Williams is like a walking Wikipidia
Bombarding you with history, factoids, statistics, definitions and trivia
I be tough enough like Jackie Gayda, Maven and Nidia
Google 'em. MCs are like trees I need, cuz I just can't root for 'em.
So keep your raps about clothes, hos jewels, guns, cash, drugs and fatter rims,
Just don't rap in a cipher with me, I'll outshine you like I was Halogens
And battlin' is a bad idea for you like Napoleon visiting Waterloo
Or Julius hanging out with Brute in march. Google them if you've not a clue.
When I rap, it's like Wheel of Fortune with no host – you can't Say Jack
My style is rare and priceless, like that $3,000,000 Maybach.
Google that, and while you're at it, Google Robert Kiyosaki
For better ways to get hella paid without the drug trade or the lottery.
My goal's to be a Rich Dad with even richer children
Yeah, I want to be a millionaire, I should place a call to Regis Philbin
I've got more classics in my vault than Nintendo has games to play.
I should change my last name to NES. I'm untouchable, and never go away,
Like a cold sore….I shut you down
Without a single battle, like America did Russia in the Cold War. Google it,
Most of you MCs be on some foolishness,
I wouldn't want to show you love if I was Cupid's Kid, But God Commanded me
To love you all, so I'm doin' it by not killing you stupidheads,
If it weren't for the Jesus Christ in me, then you'd be dead.
I'd be mass-murdering men with melanin like that serial stabber who asked dudes for help.
Google it. I'm J-U, not J-Z, so I don't give a darn who you wit.
I laugh at you hyenas, because all of you are jackals.
You blink when I stare you down like Kennedy stared down Krushev and Castro.
Google That, and before you ask what the hell I'm looking at,
I'm looking at the guy behind you, 'cause you don't exist in my mind, dude.
You're an unsubstantiated myth like Sasquatch for paranoid members of Blackwatch
On a Black Watch for government black ops to take out black kings like bad cops.
And if you need to Google that, then I think you're patheetek.
Grab a book and read it. Learn your history or you'll repeat it.
Believe it. If you're thinking that the Jim Crow system is gone,
Then you're dead wrong. It's still here, except in a different form.
Oh, you don't know what Jim Crow is? Then I suggest you Google it.
This information age is here for more than your amusement, kid.
Or for just to download music with. I appreciate you getting this.
But You should really be thanking Me. This song is for your benefit.
I'm trying to change your life, here, and show you a hotter way,
Like Lebron showed respect to Mike by disrespecting Doctor J.
You know what I'm bout to say. Yeah, Google it. Look it up, verify it.
Look up how ever decade we’ve had at least one race riot.
From Detroit to Watts to LA. In the 2000s we missed a decade.
So let's say we're overdue. A black president pacified us,
But let him not get re-elected. I'm willing to bet that there'll be violence.
It's simple psycho history, Goo-gill the term.
KRS was correct whenhe said you still must learn.
So when Fox news calls you a Kaafir you must still discern.
You don't know what a Kaafir is? It's spelled K-A-A-F-I-R.
Google it, and learn exactly what these people think all of you really are.
Nigga…while you rap about how you always get the panties down,
I make songs about real life, like Billy Joel in Allentown.
Google those lyrics if you don't get the metaphor,
I'll let you do that now, and on the next song I'll tell ya more…
Track Name: Colors 2016 feat. Unique The Eskimo
Ay you heard about what happened to ROY G. BIV?
I saw him on the news yesterday, man. He used to live
in RED Hook, but the boys in BLUE were hounding him there,
so he packed his bags and took a RED eye over here
word on the street was that he had a connect in AMARILLO
who smuggled BLANCO in from Mexico hidden in pillows
but he never held work where he ate, he was smart
he did his business in Wyoming at YELLOWstone park
Anyway, Roy was selling that WHITE rabbit to Alices
he made his hood a RED light district with WHITE palaces
and stacked GREENbacks. he drove a little RED corvette
Roy was in the PINK. he even sold PURPLE pills full of ex
he was set, but not satisfied, sipping RED brew
feeling BLUE, watching YELLOWjackets at the PURPLE Moon
but then he met the woman in RED,
she had them pretty BROWN eyes and he was mesmerized in both of his heads.

Red Pils, Orange Pills, Yellow Pills, Green Pills
Blue Pills, Indigo, in you go, get the dough
then you know, Vices. Violet, U.V.
You see infared, get the bread: COLORS.

Roy was on her like WHITE on rice, he had to think smart
so he could get his BLACKjack all up in her PINK parts
She played all kinds of games with his head, her stuff was GOLDEN
She was pretty in PINK, with more appeal than an ORANGE
he bought her a PINK Cadillac to get her open,
and she finally let him crush her PINK cookies. while he was strokin'
she told him that dopin' showed him some GREEN, but she could launder it.
she went to Bowling GREEN and took some classes in accounting, she
could WHITEwash his papertrail in the game,
there was a favor she needed from him in exchange
He should've smelled the RED herring, but her brain
was smarter than DEEP BLUE and had him skeeting out C.R.E.A.M.
in the wild BLUE yonder with RED meat on a plane,
'cause she's got beef to tenderize, she debriefed him with a name
plus a sob story how this guy had turned out her sister
and left her body on the strip with BLUE magic in her system
after trickin'. that made Roy see RED,
nevermind the junkie girls he's left for dead after getting some head,
so tie another YELLOW ribbon, 'cause Roy's gone to war,
makes you wonder what's next in store...

Red Pills, Orange Pills, Yellow Pills, Green Pills
Blue Pills, Indigo, kill you slow with Vio-
let, Ultra Violence, U.V., You See
Infared, hit your head, then you're dead; COLORS
Track Name: The Vitamins / Nameless MCs feat. LyriCal

my lryics brighten your day like vitamin A.
they enhance your vision so that you can see the world the righteous way.
on that beta-carotene stuff. I bring life to fetuses
and embryo's. I got a vitamin b-flow
like thiamine. my rhyming is essential for your nerves
You can prevent alzheimer's disease by remembering my words,
and the knowledge from my flows can prevent osteoporosis in females
if applied correctly, so that makes my flow like vitamin b-12.
seashells sound like the ocean when you put them to your ear
but it's really the sound of your own blood flowing that you hear,
so absorb me and I'll give you fuel to go on, like riboflavin.
don't understand? I'll give you energy, like niacin to try again
like vitamin B5 I send leviathin sized adrenaline
and like vitamin B6 i'll change your mood to something different,
so holla at ya boy for serotonin, melatonin,
hemotonin and dopamine, but I don't sell dope to fiends.
It's strictly your essential vitamins that i got.
Vitamin B-9 folic acid in your DNA spot.
in other words, you can't grow without some wisdom from this
the March of dimes said all mothers to-be need it for their kids
my rhymes are strong enough to replenish red blood cells
my lyrics enlighten with ease like vitamin C's be fighting disease
when they boost your immune system. . I'm a natural antitoxin for all.
you feel it all in your bones like Calciferol,
better known as vitamin D. and like vitamin E,
You can use my lyrics to prevent heart disease and diabtes.
so what the blood Clot? if you're hurt, my rhymes are vitamin K
to help you stop the bleeding and help you see a brighter today.
it's the vitamins.


I'm J-u-double G, BKA L 33 T
D double zero D. You're an N double zero B
prepare to be powned, my rap style can never be cloned
more flavor than flav, because I'm bringing terror to domes
I let it be known to all that the novelist's style is fatherless
you wouldn't have an atheist's chance in the apocalypse
a thousand words from me top anything Picasso might draw.
Battles are foregone conclusions like fights on Monday Night Raw
So who want it? I hope you're not feeling your oats like quakers
I got no Ls, like the Os Ange es Akers
or Indsey Ohan. Yo, Man, i got a flow man.
I come uninvited and eat off of you like i'm bro-man
my heart is colder than a snowman, and I fear no man
nor wo-man, 'Cause I'm like c double plus, and they're fortram.
My credibility's the 48505 zip code.
so find another route, cuz you don't wanna travel this road
see, I'm the Juggernaut, which is the way i handle this flow
who's this foe? he'll get super-dogged, like his name's Krypto.
I spit those tales from the crypt flows that shatter windows
look up to me like rey mysterio looks up to big show.
if silence is golden, then su nombre es eldorado
you're not at my level. I'm a spago's you're a McDonoes
in fact, if it weren't for the christ in me then i would pop you
and hate on y'all negroes like I'm Glen Beck on Fox News.

It's easy to battle a nameless MC, a faceless MC, generic MC
it's easy to talk squit to no one in particular...
Track Name: Beasts
This song is dedicated to anyone who's ever been good at anything.
If you're the best you know at what you do, then you're a beast.

You want the job done, pick me first like detroit picked ndomakong
I;m always keeping things rolling like I'm donkey kong
With a cowboy hat on like I'm country strong
I'm the one that you need to bet your money on
Roll with me, and we can share my greatness as a common bond
We can come together just like greeks at the Parthenon.
Staying hungry so my comp can't eat, like I'm Ramadan
Until I serve them what they need when my heart is warm
With any ingredients, Done up any kind of way,
I'm like an iron chef, change my name to bobby flay.
Test my metal and you'll see I have a steel will
Electrify like eels will when I show my real skill

I'm a beast, you know how I do
I serve the hotness like I'm at a barbecue
I do with ease what for others may be hard to do
old school wu-tang, can I get a suh
Suh suh can I get a suh
Suh suh can I get a suh.

I wrote a few books, I'm a novelist
You're looking at a star like you're an atstronomist
I study how to get money like an economist
My aura's always positive, 'cause that's how winners gotta live
…I bring the heat, like the month of june
And I can start Sh, like you ate a bunch of prunes
And chased it down with apple juice. You play a role
Until them real killers clap at you. I on the other hand
give you nothing other than the real J-U-G-G
No matter the circumstance, I will always be me.
Even if you spoke Spanish, you still couldn't si me,
Skills flow freely, I make this look easy.

I'm a beast, you know how I do
I serve the hotness like I'm at a barbecue
I do with ease what for others may be hard to do
old school wu-tang, can I get a suh
Suh suh can I get a suh
Suh suh can I get a suh.

I'm a franchise. Build around me
You can use me as your frontman and your mouthpiece.
Check all my credentials: wins across the board.
I don't do this alone. All praises to the Lord.
I train like trackstars to always hit the track hard
And have more command than admiral ackbar
Allahu Akbar. Jesus christ is lord
Yhwh at my side with the righteous sword
I got his back with the double bladed boxcutter
I will not stutter slicing like a knife through hot butter
So you do not wonder why i do what I do
When I do what I do, Cuz I'm doing it for you.

I'm a beast, you know how I do
I serve the hotness like I'm at a barbecue
I do with ease what for others may be hard to do
old school wu-tang, can I get a suh
Suh suh can I get a suh
Suh suh can I get a suh.

This is for my nephews terrance, Justin and romello.
Keep doing your thing, boys.