from by Jugghead



just me dropping three verses of metaphor-loaded lyrics.



I ain’t gotta name names; if you’re hearing this, I’m better than you.
I’m miles ahead of you like racing cars with lead in my shoe.
If you don’t know, you should be getting a clue, like Nancy Drew
Buying the boardgame about suspects, murder weapons and rooms.
I like Mr. Green for obvious reasons. Mastered the universe
Like beast man, double cross me and I’ve got you for treason,
And the penalty is exile, while I’m on an Isle with my exes
Making them mad cause I’m acting sexist, having them wishing I was in texas,
Breaking them bad, like TV shows about crystal meth and heroin,
And other illegal medicine. Lyrics are dark like melanin
In the skin of a random suntanned africaan black man in a CAT scan, Getting his brain examined.
My lyrics burn with the intensity Of a wizard with a flame enchantment.
I can’t wait for the day I have to sign autographs cause fame demands it,
Something I won’t take for granted.
While these major rappers catfight over who wears the top tiara,u
I sneak in and eat off their land like I was a squatting farmer.

If you say you don’t want complex lyrics to go on
Your songs, ‘cause your fans won’t feel it. Then guess what? Your fans are morons.
every single one of them. I’m not insulting their intelligence,
Cause you already did that for me by refusing to rap with eloquence.
I put a lot of pressure on myself to succeed
A lot of people depend on me. They all have needs,
So I’m not trying to get spat up, like pablum,
One bad move can mess it up for everybody. Ask Adam.
Don’t like that? Then You officially have my permission
To put yourself in a sexually compromising position.
Sensitive thugs need hugs cuz their feelings are so delicate,
But if you’re asking me to give a **** tonight I’m celibate.
You claim to speak for me but I didn’t approve the message
This is not a campaign and I ain’t trying to get elected.
So bump the politics, cuz I really don’t have time for it.
When I rap, I bring it to ya, so you better sign for it.

I like a woman that does trix with her tongue, like flipping metaphors and lyrics,
It’s enough to get me all sprung, make me always want to hear it,
And I could get with the hun, but then I’m already married,
And it’s enough just to get her done, with the mouth styles that are varied,
Cus I can go round and round, In and out with the flow
Explore all her sensitive parts and Hit her spot with the flow
Put her in the mood for love, and Git her hot with the flow
‘cept when she’s on her monthly, then it’s really not with her flow.
Every time I write I Plan to rock you out your pants and sox
With lyrics that’ll fry you like with pans and woks
While you being more soulsonic than Planet rock’s a paradox
So go to another Planet with Spok, I got you like my hands on a glock
You best move like the Hands of a clock. This man is a lock to succeed,
It’s like getting high of ex, smack and shrooms as opposed to just weed.
If you follow this up, it better be with something impressive,
But if you can’t think of anything I’ll gladly make some suggestions.


from The Third One, released August 29, 2014
written, recorded and produced by Jugghead




Jugghead Flint, Michigan

Jugghead Green is Quan's musical alter-ego. He is Quan's unrestrained psyche, speaking out on whatever is on his mind whenever he feels like it, without the restraint or tact Quan would normally use. Jugghead can say the things Quan only wishes he could say, and can talk about the things Quan only wishes he could talk about. ... more

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