Double G

from by Jugghead



Can you guess why this song has this title?



My greatest goal is to get green like Gordan Gecko
and get girls grabbing my gonads, tell them to let go
these Golden Graham dudes need to meet a cereal killer
When I’m set to socialize, I’m going glam like Phyliss diller
Or better yet, like Lady GaGa dancing the Go-Go
With a gangsta grill from the underground like fraggles, call her Gobo
As far as rap’s concerned, I’m from the Greatest generation
I was destined to succeed, I’ve got the greatest expectations
I’m getting right money the wrong way, like the Great Gatsby
I’ll stunt in a Gas Guzzler that I’ll go get from patsy
Lou Williamson, who runs a flint car dealership
I’ll Go grand Prix and won’t stop till I finish in
First place, I Get in Gear, while yall get in the rear
Get With God and while I’m in his good grace I’ll never fear
(Until he) gives me green to build a Golden Gate in the slum
I’m chewing MCs up to spit them out, like Gatorade gum

Good Golly Miss Molly I’ve got a weakness for pretty females,
So if you happen to be one, reach me on Google Gmail
I like a Ghetto Girl with a Gargantuan gluteus
That’s why I married one. Hey honey, blow your boo a kiss
I’ve got a flow that pays,
And just cuz I’m a good guy, don’t think I won’t leave you stiff like a Gorgon’s Gaze
Before you go guerilla warfare you should get gone
My most generic line has greater game than your best song.
It is what it is, it did what it do
I’m still a Family Guy, that’s right: Giggety goo
I paint a picture with flows, man, like Gaugin to please ears
If you’re a machine, you need to grease gears.
Rappas like to drop simple rhymes, but When they get battled
They end up eiht like compton’s most, they get gaffled
And that’s why I’m hated like Goregeous george
For eating all these MC’s like smorgasboards

Okay, let me stop talking trash for a rest of this,
And give your some encouragement for when life tries to test you, kid.
So let me kill all the GobbledyGook
Your situation might be crazy and it Probably looks
Like you’ll hit rock bottom at the end of your story,
yeah, you’re facing Great Giants, but no guts, no glory.
You can’t go into combat worried you’ll get defeated.
Don’t get spooky, like running from ghouls and ghosts, or You’ll get treated
Like a red-headed stepchild: anne of green gables
Back to bragging: My style is a cosmic combination
Of willpower and imagination, like guy gardner
the great guiding light for lost emcees, get a garman.
I flip the script and get glamorous like gretta garbo
When I’m rich I’ll get generous like that great girl who runs Hapo
I get the girls sliding on the floor, like I’m mop and glo
But I’ll stop this flow because right now I gotta go


from The Third One, released August 29, 2014
produced, written and recorded by Jugghead




Jugghead Flint, Michigan

Jugghead Green is Quan's musical alter-ego. He is Quan's unrestrained psyche, speaking out on whatever is on his mind whenever he feels like it, without the restraint or tact Quan would normally use. Jugghead can say the things Quan only wishes he could say, and can talk about the things Quan only wishes he could talk about. ... more

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