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from by Jugghead

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Google It.

JuQuan Williams is like a walking Wikipidia
Bombarding you with history, factoids, statistics, definitions and trivia
I be tough enough like Jackie Gayda, Maven and Nidia
Google 'em. MCs are like trees I need, cuz I just can't root for 'em.
So keep your raps about clothes, hos jewels, guns, cash, drugs and fatter rims,
Just don't rap in a cipher with me, I'll outshine you like I was Halogens
And battlin' is a bad idea for you like Napoleon visiting Waterloo
Or Julius hanging out with Brute in march. Google them if you've not a clue.
When I rap, it's like Wheel of Fortune with no host – you can't Say Jack
My style is rare and priceless, like that $3,000,000 Maybach.
Google that, and while you're at it, Google Robert Kiyosaki
For better ways to get hella paid without the drug trade or the lottery.
My goal's to be a Rich Dad with even richer children
Yeah, I want to be a millionaire, I should place a call to Regis Philbin
I've got more classics in my vault than Nintendo has games to play.
I should change my last name to NES. I'm untouchable, and never go away,
Like a cold sore….I shut you down
Without a single battle, like America did Russia in the Cold War. Google it,
Most of you MCs be on some foolishness,
I wouldn't want to show you love if I was Cupid's Kid, But God Commanded me
To love you all, so I'm doin' it by not killing you stupidheads,
If it weren't for the Jesus Christ in me, then you'd be dead.
I'd be mass-murdering men with melanin like that serial stabber who asked dudes for help.
Google it. I'm J-U, not J-Z, so I don't give a darn who you wit.
I laugh at you hyenas, because all of you are jackals.
You blink when I stare you down like Kennedy stared down Krushev and Castro.
Google That, and before you ask what the hell I'm looking at,
I'm looking at the guy behind you, 'cause you don't exist in my mind, dude.
You're an unsubstantiated myth like Sasquatch for paranoid members of Blackwatch
On a Black Watch for government black ops to take out black kings like bad cops.
And if you need to Google that, then I think you're patheetek.
Grab a book and read it. Learn your history or you'll repeat it.
Believe it. If you're thinking that the Jim Crow system is gone,
Then you're dead wrong. It's still here, except in a different form.
Oh, you don't know what Jim Crow is? Then I suggest you Google it.
This information age is here for more than your amusement, kid.
Or for just to download music with. I appreciate you getting this.
But You should really be thanking Me. This song is for your benefit.
I'm trying to change your life, here, and show you a hotter way,
Like Lebron showed respect to Mike by disrespecting Doctor J.
You know what I'm bout to say. Yeah, Google it. Look it up, verify it.
Look up how ever decade we’ve had at least one race riot.
From Detroit to Watts to LA. In the 2000s we missed a decade.
So let's say we're overdue. A black president pacified us,
But let him not get re-elected. I'm willing to bet that there'll be violence.
It's simple psycho history, Goo-gill the term.
KRS was correct whenhe said you still must learn.
So when Fox news calls you a Kaafir you must still discern.
You don't know what a Kaafir is? It's spelled K-A-A-F-I-R.
Google it, and learn exactly what these people think all of you really are.
Nigga…while you rap about how you always get the panties down,
I make songs about real life, like Billy Joel in Allentown.
Google those lyrics if you don't get the metaphor,
I'll let you do that now, and on the next song I'll tell ya more…


from Chapter 2, released April 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Jugghead Flint, Michigan

Jugghead Green is Quan's musical alter-ego. He is Quan's unrestrained psyche, speaking out on whatever is on his mind whenever he feels like it, without the restraint or tact Quan would normally use. Jugghead can say the things Quan only wishes he could say, and can talk about the things Quan only wishes he could talk about. ... more

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