Words That Rhyme

from by Jugghead

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I always wanted to rap over De la Soul's "Watch Out." So i did.


I'll let you all argue over who the bestest is,
I'll be busy messing with some girls with big breastesess
I'm trying to get brain like the scarecrow of oz
So lady you should maybe get with a Mack like t-boz
Where I'm from I was supposed to be dead by 20
So now that I'm almost 40, I'm playing with house money.
By the way, what happened to the last one who tried to stop I?
Put him to sleep like my name was carbon monoxide when you
Turn on the car go, shut the garage door
Inhale, while you wondering whatcha dying for
Dudes be all on google looking up how to make metaphors
But if they stayed in school they never would have needed lessons or
Guidance. call me your highness
Cuz I be on that fly ish. wanna see me? Look up in the sky, kid.t
See I can rap over trap or boom bap, urban pop
G funk or crunk so how can y'all assume that
I only got one style? That be like claiming
I run marathons and falling out after just one mile.
I keep metaphors stored on my iPhone, imagine that.
Therefore, Any topic you can name there's a rap for that.
Power punclines like if packiou was a poet
Have your brain hemorraging and u o e n o it
You be all on dr oz asking what the hell is wrong with you
But you should die so I can write this dedication song to you.
After all why can't I make money off your memory?
The Wallace and shakur estates did it and did it splendidly.
Can't pigeonhole my style because I'm everywhere like Applebee's
Thinking you're keeping up with my verbal workout is insanity.
In February 2014 mackelmore inspired me,
Now everyone that wins an award owes me an apology.
kick you off my friend list, seal it with a french kiss
you can be a god, cuz I'm beyond that - endless.
pick one, dream, death destiny despair,
delirium or desire, where you wanna go, I'm there
Uck it. I'll shove a mic down your gullet
I'm different, like a black man with a mullet.
Me myself and I are like a supergroup cuz we the best.u
Shoulda been the fifth member of slaughterhouse like niño bless.
mental like Aspbergers. i mass murder a fat burger,
like Ham burglar. yall are revolting like nat turner
you can't cure my sick style. a wack resistant virus
I can break your achy heart like Miley did billy ray Cyrus.:
if i say so myself, i’m a master of rapping words
hate on meee like i’m Doug Nguyen: flappy bird.
free downloads from me’s a franchise: angry birds
Why? Cause I'm a legend in the Midwest: Larry Bird.
Sharpshooter, hit man killing all these words with
Killer associates that do first degree murder
Get it? I bet it's prob'ly over your head
Like your hand when you're alone in your bed, Dreaming of surfboards.
Cowabunga girl, but don’t try to ride the red wave
when you get the worm from a grandmaster of sexay.
You'll be screaming dreaming under the stares like he's Wes crave
Have you nervous like you didn't study and its test day
Im looking at them cougars after they be catching menopause
when they still make the men all pause, wishing they could get the drawls
forgive me for my mental flaws, I'm wearing out my pencil, cause
my dentist wears a chain and has a bentley, call it dental floss
I wannna be like him so now I'm asking what the rental costs,
and if I can't afford it, I'm like Jada cuz I'll set it off.
I skate through lines like federov, me and my crew
been making moves, get out my face. who the hell you think you telling off?
Chooto matte kudasai, you’ll never be as cool as I,
Because you’re just a maggot, and I’m Ron Oneil: Superfly.
Better yet, I’m super duperb fly, and I’m ginuwine, like
I was friends with Timothy Mosely, I’m getting mine
waiting at the finish line, where you at, slowpoke?
Leno ain’t got nothing to do with me cause I’m no joke
I’m Ming the Merciless meeting the Mandarin: kiss the ring.
And I’ll never care who is the king of these different scenes.
All y’all killers sing about is wicked things,
I’ll squit on you like what a pigeon brings, cuz you ain’t saying nothing interesting.


from The Third One, released August 29, 2014
written and recorded by Jugghead




Jugghead Flint, Michigan

Jugghead Green is Quan's musical alter-ego. He is Quan's unrestrained psyche, speaking out on whatever is on his mind whenever he feels like it, without the restraint or tact Quan would normally use. Jugghead can say the things Quan only wishes he could say, and can talk about the things Quan only wishes he could talk about. ... more

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