Metaphors B Wit U

from by Jugghead

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Metaforz Be With you

Wanan bet the farm against me, but you're fresh out of luck,
Your rapping style is bad comedy, and I don't give a yuck,
Or a chuckle, or a guffaw, Buck y'all.
You're boring as hell, you sound wooden and bout to run into a buzzsaw.
I've got you pissed off, like you missed the urinal. Because your man
Is using my lyrics to get with women like I was Cyrano.
While the rimes you say can't even get you the time of day.
You might as well hit up Itunes and try to get the time from Morris Day.
You need to get a life like sentencing a mass murderer that blows trial.
Don't need sleep pills for insomnia, I'll just listen to your style.
Been making metaforz since poetry class in the 1st grade;
Been making beats since moms gave me a drum machine for my 12th birthday,
Been making MCs eat humble pie with a side of crow,
When they try to bring the drama, but can't even act like they know,
Much less act like they want it. They're second tier like thunderdan
I speak to Smurfette-looking dudes in a language they can understand.
See, I'm the type to smurf you in the smurf with a smurf,
Pull a smurf out, and smurf you out infront of all your smurfin' smurfs.
And that's the realest smurf I ever smurfed. For what it's worth,
I've got more styles than miles to the center of middle earth
If you're hiking with hobbits. I call the microphone my precious.
I push off MCs that are clost to the edge if they don't get the message.
I have the furious five fingers of death – you get the third one.
You'd think I was a #1 stold cold stuns the way I flip the bbrd-mun…

I'm 3PO mastering language at rappin time.
Electrify with a mik in my hands like Palpatine
I'm skilled with the skill, purple blade, mace windu.
A master of this ish, metaforz be with you.


from Chapter 2, released April 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Jugghead Flint, Michigan

Jugghead Green is Quan's musical alter-ego. He is Quan's unrestrained psyche, speaking out on whatever is on his mind whenever he feels like it, without the restraint or tact Quan would normally use. Jugghead can say the things Quan only wishes he could say, and can talk about the things Quan only wishes he could talk about. ... more

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